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We Design & Manufacture Forged Aluminun Wheels. Inspired by classics, engineered for modern aggressive fitment.

Wheels = Art. Art benefits science. We love both.

Wheels are rolling sculptures, they take on different personalities based on speed, and what car they’re on. Wheels are, our art.

Our two introductory models are based on a similar spoke design, one being a monoblock, the other being a two piece. Both are forged 6061-T6 aluminum.

Pi.001 – Monoblock Wheels

Sizes available: 18-22″

Starting at $3900

Pi.000 – 2 Piece Wheels

Sizes available: 18-22″

Starting at $4600

We designed both our flagship models; Pi.000 & Pi.000.2 with inspiration from classic wheels from the VAG group.


Pur goal is simple. create beautiful wheels, engineered for modern sizing, aggreesive stance, extreme strength and keep ’em light.

“We took inspiration from the Audi B5 & D4 wheels. But we infused the design with love from Lambo, Benz and a general old school aesthetic.”


“We want to make beautiful functional sculptures. We call them wheels…”


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